Catalyzing the Internal Click

This is a remarkable clip from an interview that Vicki Hearne did on NPR in 1986. The point she is making here about teaching is, I believe, crucial to an anarchist conception of education and, indeed, to any liberatory teaching practice worthy of the name.

Vicki Hearne was an animal trainer. The phrase “internal click” may conjure up images of Pavlov’s conditioning manipulations of dogs. So, it is important to mention that Hearne was in fact vehemently anti-behavioralist. On the contrary, she believed that animals, human and non-human, have the capacity to respond to their environments, and to others, with intelligence, creativity, and emotional depth. Conditioning of sorts is always an option. And that is all the more reason to counter it in educational practices.

Appreciation to Uli Baer for sharing this interview with me.

You can watch the entire interview at NPR.