My name is Glenn Wallis. My connection to anarchism and education goes back to the mid-1970s, when I attended an anarchist-inspired democratic free school near Philadelphia. The title of this blog plays homage to that school: Our New School. I have written about this school in my book An Anarchist’s Manifesto.

Although I dropped out of high school when Our New School had to close before I could graduate, I ended up getting a Ph.D. in Buddhist studies from Harvard. I had positions in academia until 2006, when, for reasons that have much to do with what I am addressing on this blog, I gave up tenure at a Research 1 American university. I also did so to initiate an innovative meditation program at the newly formed Won Institute of Graduate Studies, near Philadelphia. Our program trained professionals (teachers, psychologists, nurses, social workers, etc.) to incorporate meditation programs into their work. It emphasized the interconnected necessity for care of the self and care of others, and for individual and collective solutions to social ills.

In 2011, I founded the blog Speculative Non-Buddhism, which one critic kindly called “ the most strikingly original, penetrating, and provocative writing about Buddhism on the web.”

Currently, I co-direct Incite Seminars, the counter-instituional educational cooperative I founded in Philadelphia in 2016. As its tagline, “rigorous & rebellious learning,” indicates, Incite Seminars offers spirited public courses on topics relevant to its aim of upsetting the status quo toward a better world for all sentient beings.

You can read more about my work, and also download selected writings, at my personal website.

Thank you for joining me in the pursuit of educational spaces that encourage, inspire, and liberate all those who enter.