How to Fix Education

I have written two texts that directly address the theme of this blog. The first is the brief tract How to Fix Education: A Handbook for Direct Action.

In How to Fix Education, Glenn Wallis argues that consequential action can be taken immediately in the classroom to put the humanity back in “the humanities.” In this succinct handbook he provides the logic and layout of an approach for instructors who want to enact larger-scale social changes with or without institutional change at the macro level.

Order directly from Warbler Press.


1 Introduction   
2 The Divided Pathway of the Humanities 
3 Subject to the Spectacle    
4 Subject to Another World     
5 The Force of Prefiguration    
6 The Space of Concrete Utopia    
7 The Pedagogy of Unlearning   
8 The Ethics of the Worst Necessary
9 Conclusion  
10 Glossary of Terms